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The Affairs of Zeus

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Latin 2- Mythology Project

Group 4:
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Zeus, in a form of a dark cloud, tries to pursue a young girl named Io. The pursuit is interrupted by the jealousy of Zeus's wife, Hera.
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Maia is the eldest of the Pleiades and also the goddess of fields. The story of her giving birth to Hermes is told in the Homeric Hymn to Hermes.
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Zeus pursued the beautiful Leda in a form of a swan. Leda then laid two eggs, one with Zeus children in it, and the other with her husband's, Tyndareus, children in it.
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When Hera discovered that Semele was pregnant with Zeus's child, she convinced Semele to demand Zeus to reveal himself in all of his glory, to prove his godhood. Semele died when she saw the sight.
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Zeus seduced Europa while in the form of a white bull. When Europa climbed on his back he ran to Crete. Europa then became the first queen of Crete.
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Zeus took the form of Artemis to convince Callisto to let down her guard. When she did Zeus raped her and she became pregnant. Artemis banished her, then Hera wanting revenge, transformed Callisto into a bear.
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Leto was pregnant with Zeus's children before Hera and Zeus had wed. Still Hera was jealous and was forever causing problems for Leto. That is until Leto's children were born.
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